Sunday, November 30, 2008

How High Should You Build Your Horse Fence?

Have you ever wondered about the height of your horse fencing? It’s true that the rules for measuring the height of fences that are used to constrain other types of livestock do not necessarily apply to the factors that determine the height of horse fencing. Because horses have a more athletic build and are more likely to jump a fence when spooked, it is recommended that your fence height be at least 60 inches or 5 feet. A height of the least 5 feet will deter your horses from making an attempt at a high jump. A fence of this height is also a good idea for deterring passersby from reaching over the fence to pet or feed your horses. While it's not always bothersome to have passersby petting your horses, not all people are horse friendly. So to protect your animals, and the passersby, be sure and install a fence of an adequate height.

If your pasture is small, less than two acres, a general rule of thumb is that your fence line should be at eye level with the horse's head. When the horse is standing in a natural position, the top of the fence rail should be parallel to his or her eye level. A vinyl horse fence that stands at the horses’ eye level will deter the horses from leaning over the fence or fighting over the fence. This rule also holds true for dancing around corrals and pens.

A fence that acts as a divider between two pastures will typically stand about 4 1/2 feet high. The bottom of the dividing fence should be between six and 8 inches off of the ground. It's important to keep the bottom of the fence and adequate distance from the ground to ensure that the horses will keep the fence line grazed. If the fence is too low; your horses may have the tendency to paw. You may also find that keeping your fence a certain distance off the ground will make we eating, and other landscaping maintenance a little simpler.

Almost as important as the fence height is your fencing material. For the best quality horse fence, be sure and choose vinyl as your material of choice from a horse fencing is both durable and aesthetically appealing. Not to mention the fact that it requires very little maintenance and will allow you to concentrate on more important things.


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